Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 2-3 of My Veggie Cleanse

So the Veggie Cleanse is now over. Overall I think it was really successful! Since I hadn't eaten any junk food, at the end of the week I didn't really crave it as much as I had before. I also made some cool dishes that I probably wouldn't have thought to make before. Here's the recap of the rest of the week:

Day 2:

Sweet Potato Curry with Brown Rice (inspired by

For this recipe I didn't have a lot of spinach so I substituted broccoli instead, which was a tasty and healthy choice. It was also really filling!

Day 3:

Quinoa Vegetable Salad (inspired by

My quinoa vegetable salad was pretty ghetto considering I didn't read the "quinoa" packaging clearly when I bought it and I didn't have half of the ingredients I needed. The "quinoa" I bought was like 85% couscous, and I didn't use any dressing because I forgot to buy balsamic vinaigrette. Despite my many failures with this dish, the natural flavors from the fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, bell pepper) made it really enjoyable.

Day 4:

Kale & Quinoa Salad (

This was my favorite recipe of the week - most likely because it was so simple. I just combined the leftovers from the quinoa vegetable salad from day 3 with kale and mushrooms. Delicious and super healthy. 

Day 5:

So after 4 days of cooking I was exhausted. On Friday my boyfriend & I ended up getting Mediterranean food at The Olive Tree Cafe (above the Comedy Cellar) in the Village. It was our first time trying it, so we ordered way too much food. We had a hummus & kebab platter, avocado pita sandwich and their lentil soup. Everything was really good and affordable! We'll definitely go back. 

Good way to start the year.

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