Friday, September 16, 2011

Uncle Moe's Review

I've been meaning to write an Uncle Moe's review for a while. My coworkers like to order from here at least twice a month (in between Chipotle breaks, of course).

Since I'm in a hurry tonight (I'm leaving for California tomorrow at 6AM), I am going to just list out the pros of Uncle Moe's (ha, no rhyme intended):
  1. Good customer service. Someone at my office found a bone in his burrito - They apologized and gave him free lunch another time.
  2. Watsonville Burrito is like the perfect size for me. It's a California Burrito (with guacamole), but less massive. I usually get the veggie (corn & spinach) or chicken option.
  3. Aunt Bee's Chopped Salad - I haven't tried it yet, but I hear it's good : )
 I'll post a picture next time we order : )

Hope to post from San Diego this week.. El reys? Fish shop?

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Name: Uncle Moe's

Location: 14 WEST 19TH STREET, (19th St. between 5th Ave. & 6th Ave. )

Rating: 4


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